BLOG: How to have a personalised wedding ceremony

How to have a personalised wedding ceremony

It isn’t clear to a lot of couples about how to achieve a truly personalised wedding ceremony, or even what the differences are between a Registrar and a Celebrant-led wedding. However…there is a huge difference between them. It’s all about PERSONALISATION!

Read on to discover the benefits of a Celebrant-led ceremony: the why’s, how’s, where’s and when’s:

Why choose a Celebrant?

A Registrar is a government official – who’s role is to legally register your marriage.  You get who is on duty on a given date and have no relationship them beforehand. Conversely, a modern wedding Celebrant will spend quality time with you to begin personalising every little element of your ceremony. Therefore, the more personalised your ceremony is, the more unique and memorable it is to you and your guests. Here are just some of the ways that a Celebrant can get to know you and personalise your ceremony:

How do we personalise a wedding ceremony?

In the months before your wedding, a Celebrant will take time to get to know you. They will establish things such as how you first met. Listening carefully about your love story; discover any funny stories, or annoying habits. what inspires you about your partner. They will discuss whether you wish to include elements of faith (e.g. readings / modern hymns). They will draw out your hopes and dreams – and much more. All of this information is woven into a bespoke script – which you get to approve before the big day.

Afterwards, your guests are nodding and smiling because the stories that have been shared are a true reflection of you.

Working hard to write a script for your personalised wedding ceremony

On the day, every one of your guests will feel welcomed and part of the ceremony from the very start. Your celebrant will thank the person who walked you down the aisle by name. They will remember and honour significant people in your lives – whether in your wedding party or not.

You can incorporate symbolic elements – such as a candle lighting dedicated to dearly departed relatives / friends, or someone who is unable to make it to your big day. An empty chair with a photograph on it is a very touching way to remember a loved one on your special day.

Personalising with symbolic elements:

You can incorporate a Handfasting – using fabric from a sentimental item of clothing, a family tartan, or coloured ribbons which each have a significant meaning.

Personalised with a Handfasting ceremony – which is where `Tying the Knot´ comes from

You can choose to bring together both sides of your families – for example: with a Sand blending, in which the bride and the groom (and children) pour different coloured sand into a glass vase to symbolise their coming together as one. This is especially meaningful for blended families.

Alternatively, you could have a Unity Candle ceremony. This involves chosen members from both sides of your family (e.g. mothers) each light candles. Next, the happy couple use the flames from the lit candles to light the one flame of the Unity candle. 

Personalised with a symbolic blending of sand – which represents how a couple are blended together and cannot be separated

How do we personalise our words?

With a celebrant ceremony you certainly won’t find any lists of ‘standard’ vows to choose from, or any repetitive passages. Every bit of your script is written from scratch – just for you.

You get to say your totally personalised vows that are full of love. Your vows are specially written by you (with support from your celebrant – if you need it). This is where the tissues might be needed because there may just be a few happy tears falling….

When can we have our personalised ceremony?

In a Celebrant-led ceremony, we have absolutely no restrictions on time – this can be: with a beautiful sunrise at dawn; beneath the stars at midnight and anytime in between. Lasting for as long or short as you wish.  So no working around the Registrar’s diary.

Where could we have our personalised ceremony?

Most important is that there is no restriction on ‘where’ – you choose the  place that is meaningful to you.  This could be a secluded woodland, beside a river, on a boat, in your favourite bar or hotel, a sporting venue – really anywhere your imagination takes you…

Wherever you choose, you will have the reassurance that you are in safe hands with a ‘friendly face’ delivering your bespoke ceremony – not a person who just happens to be on duty that day– (which is what you get from a Registrar).

All in all..

Registrars can give you a standard ceremony with some very limited personalisation, standard vows that you pick from a list, a reading or two and a certificate signing. This must take place in a ‘designated venue’ and follow strict rules and timings.

A Celebrant writes a bespoke ceremony script for you. It includes your love story, your hopes and dreams for the future and beautiful heartfelt vows. You choose from a range of symbolic elements and rituals.

The dedication and care that your celebrant puts into creating your bespoke script – means that your ceremony is everything that you could wish for…  

Your guests will be exclaiming,

“Wow! That was so you!”.

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The legal bits…

In order to have a beautifully personalised Celebrant-led wedding ceremony, in the place of your choice at the time that you want, you need to separate the legal registration of marriage –(similar to registering a birth)  by having a ‘Standard’ Marriage registration at the Registry office –beforehand, *which costs around £57 for your marriage license (certificate included) – leaving all of the gorgeousness for your Celebrant-led wedding ceremony. 

*Be sure to check for your specific location and personal situation- as fees may vary